Members of Naveen Park Residents’ Association, led by its President Dr Ch VSV Prasad donated grocery and essential goods to the inmates of Sneha Charitable Trust Orphanage Home at Chetana Colony in Hubballi on Tuesday.

HUBBALLI: The total lockdown has put people into trouble across the country. But the inmates of Sneha Charitable Trust, an orphanage home situated at Chetana Colony in the city have felt heat of the lockdown more than normal persons because they are “specially abled.” They would have suffered some more had humanitarian help didn’t reach them in time, thanks to Dr Ch VSV Prasad, who extended timely helping hand  to these special inmates by donating groceries and vegetables, which are sufficient for them for the next two weeks.

Members of Naveen Park Residents Association (NPRA), led by Dr Prasad, who is also Chairman of Swarna Group of Industries visited the orphanage on Tuesday and donated the groceries and other necessary daily usable items to the orphanage, which houses 60 specially abled persons of different age groups.

The lockdown imposed by the Centre in the wake of coronavirus threat has made life difficult for the people in the twin cities. Getting essential items like grocery, vegetables, etc, have become a herculean task for the normal people.

 If the condition of the normal people is like this, image how the physically and mentally challenged people are living? Considering their plight, Dr Prasad on behalf of the NPRA, visited the destitute house and donated the essential materials.

He also announced that he would ready to lend the helping hand in this crucial hour to charitable organisations, which have been rendering yeoman service to society. They could contact him over phone (94481 11648).

“If human beings do not help their fellow beings in this most difficult time, who else will help them? Charity and philanthropy have more meaning in such crisis-like situations. Helping people in such situations is a true humanity humans can show,” Dr Prasad, a well-known philanthropist said.

NPRA Secretary Vaidyanathan, Treasurer Nadgir, NR Habib, Sankar Rao and other members of the Association were present.

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