Tribute to women on the occasion of International Women’s Day

Santosh Huralikoppi, Mentor, FUEL

The celebration of International Women’s Day started way back in 1908 mainly due to the oppression and gender inequality. It all started by few Women activists, who started opposing the male chauvinists and illogical ideologists. Women were paid less and made to work on odd jobs in the name of weaker sex.

The revolution against these notions took momentum. On the eve of World War 1, in the year 1913 women leaders had consensus to celebrate IWD on 8th March. Post this, celebration of IWD has continued on 8th March every year. After decades of struggle by women leaders, United Nations adopted IWD in the year 1975. We have witnessed many eminent women reaching zenith, be it Prime Minister, Fortune 500 company CEOs, Astronauts, Sports women, Armed forces, Academicians and the list goes on.

Although, the 21st century has paved way for women to have say and representation in all key matters, it is still long piped dream to have equal or more representation.

In India, the revised Companies Act approved in August 2013, for the first time, made it mandatory for all listed companies and other large public limited firms to appoint at least one woman director to their boards.In my view, women have an inherent ability to balance between personal, family and now work.

Over the next few decades, with the current rate of industrial growth and urbanisation, world is witnessing huge challenge of preserving natural resources and sustainable livelihood for all. Women leaders and activists are making huge dent towards achieving United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Greta Thunberg, 17 year old teenage girl has emerged as a young leader challenging the current human exploitation of mother earth in the name of development.

Finally, the theme for this IWD could be Fly High Stay Grounded….

Shri Santosh Huralikoppi

The author is Mentor to FUEL, a renowned NGO working for empowering the marginalised labourers working in the unorganised sectors through training, skill development and financial support. He is also a successful IT entrepreneur, based at Hubballi, Karnataka, India. His modern ideas, innovative approach in addressing the issues and concern for the helpless people and development are well appreciated in society.

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