International Secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishat Shri Milind Pharande being felicitated at a function held in Hubballi recently. Shri Bhavarlal Jain, Shri Amrutlal Jain, Shri Mahendra Palghot, Shri Puran Nahata, Shri Amrutlal Porwal, Shri Madanlal C Jain, Shri Tejaraj Bansali, Shri Lalit Choudhari are present.

HUBLI: International Secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishat Shri Milind Pharande has called upon Jains to be part of the historical event of the Shri Ram Mandir construction at Ayodhya by contributing their mite.

Addressing the members of Jain community at Shri Bhavarlal Jain’s residence here recently, Shri Parande said construction of the Shri Ram Mandir is a great momentus and historical event people can see such events only once in thousand years. Today’s people are lucky because they are witnessing such a rarest of the rare moment. Therefore, members of the Jain community should contribute money, labour, etc generously for the construction of Shri Ram temple. Participating in the temple construction process is the holiest devotion people could show to Purushottam
Shri Ram.

Advising the Jain community leaders to collect donation for the temple
construction, Pharande asked the Jain leaders to meet every member of the society, create awareness among them and collect donation from them. This
would help fulfill the centuries-old-dream of the people to build Shri Ram temple.

Speaking on the occasion, industrialist and Rajashthan Vidya Pracharak Mandal President Shri Bhavarlal Jain also appealed to the people to join their hands, spare their time and resources for completing the proposed temple at Ayodhya as early as possible.

Shrimad Ramachandra Jnan Mandir Trust trustee Amrutlal Jain, Terapant
Mahasabha President Mahendra Palghot, Jan Marudhar Sangha trustee Puran Nahata and Amrutlal Porwal, Madanlal C Jain, Tejaraj Bansali, Lalit Choudhari, Bharat Jain, Suresh Jain, Govardhan Rao, Sanjay Badhaskar and others were present.

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