HUBBALLI: There is a good news for people of Hubballi and Dharwad. A Rudraksha exhibition-cum-sale is being held in the twin cities by Rudrashaktii.

The expo is being held at Hotel Revankar Comforts, Revankar Complex, T. B. Road, Deshpande Nagar in Hubballi, Karnataka, India. It will continue till May 21 and will be open from 11am to 8pm daily.

Rudraksha is a holy bead used for meditation in Hinduism. Beads have medicinal and divine value as well. They can cure many illnesses– physical and mental– which modern medicinec could not cure.

Rudrashaktii is a Mumbai based organisation founded with an aim to promote awareness about the properties and powers of the divine Bead Rudraksh to the mankind.

The motto of the organisation is to actively provide guidance on the most suited rudraksh to the individual, based on the numerological interpretation of one’s date of birth. The Rudrashakti firmly believes that if there is a problem there has to be a solution. There could not be a better solution than the age-old time tested rudraksh therapy. Rudraksh is found to pacify the malefic planetary influence on an Individuals life.

“Hosted by Rudrashaktii, a nationally acclaimed organization which is known for precise and accurate Rudrakah recommendation, this exhibition is a boon for those who are seeking divine intervention in solving many of their health, mental and family problems

The organisation lays special emphasis on the general well being of people, hence the mission statement – Making Life More Meaningful. We are all aware that today each one of us is going through tremendous stress and strain. The growing demands & expectations is taking its toll,coping with the increasing pressures of maintaining living standards & the need to survive the competition is affecting the very fabric of life. Rudraksh an age old time tested therapy has come a long way in helping one counter this problems on a physical,mental and spiritual level.

The unique feature of Rudrashaktii, an organisation that propagates Rudraksh and alternate therapy, is the free recommendation offered to an indiviual based on the Date of Birth. The Date of Birth of an Indiviual speaks volumes about the life lead by him, the good and bad influence of different planets on the indivual. Rudraksh suggested accordingly helps a lot in minimising the worries & problems of that indiviual.

 Rudraksh is believed to have originated from the Tear drops of Almighty Lord Shiva. It is the greatest gift to the mankind from Mother Nature with the divine  blessings of Lord Shiva.  ‘ Rudra’ meaning Lord Shiva and ‘Aksh’ meaning tear drops. Rudraksh are found from 1 to 21 mukhi. 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 6 mukhi are available in plenty from Mother Nature hence are available at a lower price. Few Rudraksh ranging from 14 to 21 mukhi are absolutely rare and hence there prices are high.


Very informative giving all details about powers and properties of different  Rudraksh.

     How to identify fake from genuine Rudraksh.
     Various myths and misunderstandings surrounding rudraksh.
     Free Recommendation based one’s Date of Birth.
     Abhishek and Energising of Rudraksh by Vedic Pandit at the venue.
     Free mala making as per norms specified in puranas.  

Contact for details: 9833479693.

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