Called as ‘Adhunik Bhageerath’, the great king who brought the River Ganga to earth from the heavens, Home Minister M B Patil has a heart for culture and heritage too. Because of his relentless efforts, most of the historical wells in Vijayapur and the surrounding villages (Karnataka, India) have got a rebirth.

VIJAYAPUR: Filled with garbage, and people’s negligence till recently, these water bodies in the historical City of Vijayapur had served as the main drinking water sources for the 11 lakh population during the Adil Shahi period.

But after the collapse of the Adil Shahi kingdom, they had been neglected by people and administrators for centuries. It is Shri M B Patil who recognised the heritage value of these historical wells and gave a new lease of life to them by spending crores of rupees. Now, filled with fresh water, these wells have become tourist attractions and become a model for how a soft hearted and committed politician could turn ancient water bodies into lifeline of people.

Home Minister Shri M B Patil

Complete works soon

He wants to complete the works related to rejuvenation of the historical wells soon so that the groundwater level of the wells is increased during the rainy season.

At present 10 historical wells of the district are being rejuvenated at a cost of Rs 5.60 crore on lines with the rejuvenation of the Tajbowdi of Vijaypur city, the works of which are completed.

Among the 10 historical wells being rejuvenated, the well in the premises of city’s Government PU College and wells near Torvi Laxmi Temple and Khatijapur village would be given a facelift at a cost of Rs 2 crore.

The wells in the premises of the Hashimpeer Dargah, the one in Sainik School campus, in the premises of district government hospital, ESI hospital and Sakri well, Saat Khabar well and Akka Tangi well at Almel town are being rejuvenated at a total cost of 3.60 crore. The home minister stated that the wells built nearly 400 to 600 years back, had turned into huge garbage dumping places as the water had dried away and the little quantity of water present, had been contaminated.

Many historians and visitors used to lament seeing the pathetic condition of the wells that had once been the sources of water to the district. Taking into account the concerns of the historians and people, it was decided to rejuvenate the wells and bring back their glory.

“It is also decided to make the area around these historical wells attractive. As many as 16 such historical wells were identified for rejuvenation and were rejuvenated at a cost of Rs 4.50 crore earlier and now another 10 are being rejuvenated at a cost of Rs 5.60 crore,” Shri M B Patil said.

“Shri M B Patil has a vision for the development and a commitment to implement what he thinks is the best for the people and the state. He has brought hundreds of crores of rupees government fund to fill tanks and implement major water projects not only in Vijayapur district, but also in other parts of Karnataka. This shows his vision and concern for the entire State.

As a Water Resource Minister, in the previous government, he has implemented works that no government or minister could implement in the last 50 years. So much he has done in just five years. People of Karnataka in general and North Karnataka in particular are grateful to him for quenching their thirst”– Dr H G Daddi

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